Journey Mapping

Journey mapping is used to understand the way that encounter and move through the venture offering. As a team consider how your user is first introduced to your venture. How do they decide to give it a try? What steps do they take as they do so? What is their experience like? What challenges might they encounter? What do they enjoy? How can they share their thoughts with other people?  Take these insights and plot them along a path on a white board or on a wall using post it notes.  The journey should run from the first interaction your user has with your venture all the way through to the last. Don't forget to take a picture or copy down the completed journey so that you can refer back to it for versions.


This should be part of the early process and be revisited through out as validation and invalidations take place.


By visualizing the user journey a team can better understand the various points of interaction and potential opportunities for good or bad experiences.

Supplies & Resources

Post its, sharpies, and wall space or a whiteboard.