Storyboarding is a tool that  can help venture teams to understand the sequence of events and interactions that brings users to their product and informs their use and navigation of it. When informed by user research it can be a good way of keeping the user's life and day to day use at the forefront of development. It can also be a tool to use with test subjects. In this case participants can reorder the events of their day, routines or specific interactions in order to give venture teams a clearer understanding of how the solution might fit into their lives.


Storyboards can be used as a documentation tool once personas have been established and there is a typical use case to work from. They can also be used as a tool during the research process to understand where a product or service fits into the life of its users.


Storyboarding is a visual instrument which makes it particularly good at translating ideas and events and also provides a unique means of communicating with users.

Supplies & Resources

Paper, markers, coloured pencils, pens, sticky notes or an online storyboard tool like Canva or Storyboard That