Concierge MVP

Concierge MVPs call on venture teams to identify a select user and engage with them in a bespoke process to provide a very hands on service that will inform the build of the future offering. The purpose of the Concierge MVP is to engage in research with the user to understand the deeper needs and use case related to the problem area. Though this type of MVP can be resource heavy in terms of time investment it allows for a very close approach to service and product design and provides lots of qualitative insights about the problem and solution.


Use a conceirge MVP when you need to validate a number of touchpoints along a product and service delivery process


A concierge MVP allows for close communication and lots of user feedback because the user knows that they are participating in the research and development process.

Supplies & Resources

An engaged target user, an established service process to test, at least one means of recording feedback and a process for translating that feedback into meaningful action points.