Dry Wallet MVP

Dry wallet MVPs are used to confirm purchase interest without having to invest capital in product production. The MVP effectively offers the product for sale, including pictures, descriptions and means of purchase but at point of sale the customer is notified that the item is out of stock. By using an ecommerce or other online purchase system a venture team can track interest, and collect marketing and contact information from interested users, in advance of paying for product manufacturing. You can also run dry wallet tests in real life settings (i.e by stocking store shelves with empty boxes). Be sure to get contact information to follow up with interested buyers about their experience and why they were interested in purchasing.


Use a dry wallet MVP as a final step before manufacturing a physical product.


Dry Wallet MVPs allow for ventures to gather information about potential demand for their product, purchase interest and marketing or testing leads.

Supplies & Resources

Website builder, product images and information, capacity to initiate purchase process and then inform customer about out of stock status.