Assumption Matrix

The Assumption Matrix calls on venture teams to consider their beliefs and how important and well researched they are.  Look at your problem statement and try to identify every assumption inherent in it being successful. For example, Airbnb assumes that there are some home owners who would like to user their properties as a source of income. How certain is this premise? How critical is it to the success of the venture? The answers will determine where that assumption is plotted on the matrix.

This exercise should be used early on and revisited throughout the Problem Validation phase. A new matrix should be created and considered when you begin a new phase of testing or validation.
As you learn, evolve and pivot your venture, new assumptions will arise and past assumptions may become more or less relevant to success. This document keeps the working premise clear and helps establish the highest priorities for testing.
Supplies & Resources

Click here for a printable PDF of the Assumption Matrix. Be sure to include the date as you'll likely use multiple versions of this through out the venture building process.