If you and your team have a few ideas that you just can't choose between then crowdtesting might be a good route to consider. Crowdtesting calls on teams to put out as few as two and as many as five options to a crowd of people who will then react to them and give opinions as to each ideas merit and which is their favourite. It gives venture teams access to a large population and their opinions without putting the content out to the wider public. Typical test subjects are logos, email subject lines, online ads or screen designs but you can also ask questions to get crowdsourced answers.

Use crowdtesting when you have an idea or series of ideas that you're having trouble choosing between but you don't want to put the content out to your public users.
Crowdtesting can help your team get unstuck when you're focused on a specific content or design element and you're not able to make a choice and move forward.
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