Interactive Question

Interactive questions provide a great stimulus point when you're asking users to engage in your research.  They also provide an impetus for venture teams to get outside and interact with potential users and a starting point for conversations about the issue and the context surrounding the challenge itself.  For example, teams could create a poster with a question related to the problem statement and ask users to contribute opinions by sticking post its with their response on the poster. If an in person interactive question is not appropriate, then creating a short digital survey for users to respond to  can also be effective. In this case, using pictures, sliders, buttons and icons are a strong alternative to check boxes, text responses or other traditional techniques.

Real life interactive questions are a great way to gauge interest and engagement with your problem area and to better understand user perspectives. Digital questionnaires tend to be more valuable later in the process when you've narrowed your research and are investigating specific aspects of your users relationship to the problem and their existing habits or behaviours.
Interactive questions are quick and dirty - they gather valuable information but don't ask for tons of effort from users and can be fun to engage with. They shouldn't be long surveys and are best as single questions in real life and as no more than three questions online.
Supplies & Resources

Bristol board, sharpies and sticky notes or clickable survey tool  (iSpring free quizmaker)