Online Survey

Online surveys can be a very useful tool, however, they are often incorrectly suggested in place of in person research. Online surveys will never replace the insights or value of active conversation with users and shouldn't be seen as a replacement for user interviews or sales calls. Online surveys are best used when your venture is looking to collect specific information from a large number of users. Surveys should be short and easy and, hopefully, will provide a recruiting opportunity for future research or testing.  Connecting your survey to an online ad campaign can help to increase the number of users and also increase the amount of quantitative data collected.

Use an online survey to gain a few specific insights from a large group of users at a distance.
Surveys can be sent out to a significant number of users and can yield data that is qualitative, the content of responses, and quantitative, based on engagement metrics. Surveys have limited value because they are not conducted face-to-face and so should not be used for in-depth testing. Instead use surveys for quick and straightforward data collection based on ten or less questions.
Supplies & Resources

Survey builders like Google Surveys, Typeform or  Survey Monkey not only have tools to create surveys but also the means to collect and measure results.