Clickable Prototype

A clickable prototype takes the paper prototype to the next level. At its most basic you can use PowerPoint or Keynote. Once you've used those to validate some insights you can use simple wireframing software (i.e Sketch, Balsamiq) and Invison or Marvel Pop to translate your insights into higher fidelity clickable digital screens. Remember that the best prototypes test very focused aspects of a solution, if you throw too much in a prototype then it can become tough to understand what aspects of the solution users are reacting to. Once you’ve created your prototype get it in to someone’s hands and have them use the prototype while speaking out loud in a Usability Observation setting. Test the prototype with 5 users and collect the insights. Are they interacting with the solution in the way you expected? Are there any themes? What do they indicate? Does this test validate or invalidate your assumptions?


Clickable prototypes are used when you've begun focusing on specific aspects of a solution and how users might make choices or navigate naturally.


They can highlight aspects of the solution that are more or less important, what users are expecting or looking for as they move through your solution. These insights can inform journey mapping development.

Supplies & Resources

Powerpoint, Keynote, Balsamiq, Sketch, Invision, Marvel Pop or Google to find other digital prototyping solutions.