Journal Study

Journal studies are most appropriate for getting daily feedback from users about their interaction with a product or service. Journal studies reveal insights about habits, behaviours, usage frequency, scenarios and user motivations. Journal studies can be broad or targeted but they are conducted away from the venture team as users interact with the product in day to day life. Observations are self-reported in a journal but often a framework is provided by the team conducting the test to ensure that the study is targeted enough to address the specific areas being investigated.


Journal studies are best used when a product or service is in its early stages but established. There must be an MVP at the very least and potentially a more fully formed beta offering.


Journal studies are great for gathering understanding about why and how a product or service is used. Why do people come back? When? How do they use it when they do? What are their expectations and are they being met over time? Journal studies are used across industries from healthcare to tech to consumer products.

Supplies & Resources

Test framework that includes firm time frame and is informed by the research plan and user group. A journal with questions can be provided as pdf or users can be given looser instructions - the structure will depend on research needs.